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  • At BARGOSA we have Operation Centres for importation, ripening, distribution and forwarding located throughout the Iberian Peninsula.
  • We render the best service to our clients and offer tailored solutions, providing all kinds of fruits from all origins and brands, served with the most appropriate packaging and at the requested stage of ripeness.
  • We participate in the whole process from origin to final consumer.
  • We choose the best growers from every continent, paying special attention to climate, land, water, production practices, and environmental respect. Factors that determine the excellent quality of our produce.
  • Our strategically located Logistics Centres facilitate the entry of produce arriving thru the Atlantic Ocean and thru the Mediterranean Sea.
  • We combine nature and state-of-the-art technology in our work.
  • An advanced transportation network moves the produce to our warehouses.
  • We control and monitor the process of conservation in cold rooms or the process of ripening under the exact required conditions of humidity and temperature, keeping all its organoleptic characteristics.
  • Supply the costumer in the exact requested condition: in order for the bananas and Canary Island bananas to be in the exact point of sweetness and texture, we control the natural ripening process.
  • We innovate in presentation. We create our own packaging selecting materials that respect the properties of our products, and offer them in any format the market requests.
  • We rely on an efficient operating system in our logistics centres, allowing us maximum agility and flexibility in our supply chain, while optimizing stock management according to demand.
  • The tracking system provides us with all the necessary information, from the harvesting to the sale, to guarantee the quality and safety of food products.
  • We offer a whole range of fruits and vegetables throughout the year importing from the southern hemisphere in winter and supplying domestic produce in summer.
  • Aware of the growing demand for fruit from organic farming, a Bio Department offers several varieties of produce of different origins depending on the time of the year.
  • We guarantee the organoleptic, nutritional and health quality of our produce, being food safety and environmental respect unavoidable commitments. 

The consumer is our goal. If satisfied, our customer will continue relying on us. Sixty years of experience make us a consolidated company in the sector, and it is the daily work of commitment to quality and to innovation that gives us the reliability in the present and the best option for future success. A future which we want to celebrate from now with our suppliers and customers.

  • We select, buy and ship all types of fruit from its overseas origin to our warehouses.
  • BARGOSA imports tons of fruit carrying out strict quality controls in its origin and in its destination.
  • Selecting produce and suppliers in origin, evaluating the produce, service capacity and environmentally respectful practices.
  • Our specialized team ensures the effectiveness of all processes from monitoring the cold chain in the transport of the goods to complying with the agreed specifications.
  • Monitoring the parameters that influence the state of the produce, such as container or warehouse ventilation or O2 and CO2 levels.
  • We manage the operation of the import process: official documentation, dealing with operators (shipping companies, custom agents , freight forwarders), authorities (health, customs), operational loading and unloading, product development, etc. meeting the requirements of current legislation.

We take the product to our customers by managing the flow of stock according to demand, in order to improve the forwarding and delivery on time, cost and flexibility for our customers.

Proper preservation of horticultural produce requires specialized handling, control of temperature and humidity for each type of fruit depending on their requirements.

  • Preserving the products with the requirements of temperature, humidity and conditions required by each variety.
  • Separate storage chambers to provide each fruit with the optimum conditions.
  • Facilities with ethylene removal equipment, controlling the process of fruit ageing, extending the life of the produce without losing its organoleptic characteristics.
  • Technologically prepared to control all our processes.
Canaries banana and banana
Ripening Canaries banana or banana is a natural process by which carbohydrates (starch) are transformed into glucose, fructose ,and flavour, making the product fit for consumption. Freshly harvested bananas contain starch (which is tough, tasteless and astringent). The banana is green because chlorophyll has not degraded and is not edible. Through the process of ripening , starch evolves into sugars (glucose, fructose and flavour) and the chlorophyll breaks up appearing yellow pigments called carotenoids. The degrees of ripening determine the state of sweetness and texture , and the general organoleptic product conditions, which are those that will make it more or less pleasant for consumption.

  • We control the natural ripening process in our chambers, accelerating or delaying ripening after the reception of green produce, according to parameters such as temperature, humidity and ethylene presence (natural gas favouring changes in the produce).
  • The product is delivered to the customer in the exact ripening level required and agreed upon.
  • Ripening chambers are equipped with the latest technology and controlled by monitoring systems.
  • We innovate to better respond to our customers.

We adapt to the requirements of each customer, and because of the growing demand for packaged products we created our own packaging.

  • We offer a wide range of formats: trays, baskets, nets, flow pack.
  • The R & D Department anticipates the needs of our customers innovating in packaging materials and controlling the physical and chemical conditions of the produce.
  • The sales department develops ongoing strategies for different produce campaigns.
    • Detecting customer’s needs through our sales teams
    • Communicating with our suppliers
    • Collaborating to:
      • Find the right product
      • Find the most suitable markets
      • Developing a communication strategy
      • Adapting to each distribution channel
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