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BARGOSA is committed to quality, environmental respect, and food safety, and, it is, therefore, certified with Quality Certifications such as IFS and BRC.

In order to ensure competitiveness and leadership in the field, BARGOSA is committed to a quality management system focused on its customers satisfaction, and meeting their expectations by following the requirements of the IFS standard.

Committed to quality, respect for the environment and food safety, we also work with organic farming being registered as operators and packers of organic produce by the Catalan Council of Organic Farming and the Committee of Organic Farming in the Valencian Community.
Certifications: IFS Food V6Bargosa

BARGOSA guarantees the monitoring of:

  • Organoleptic or sensory quality. It immediately captures the consumer through their senses, and relates to the colour, taste, smell and texture (consistency).
  • Nutritional quality. Related to the capability of the foods to provide all the nutrients that favour good health and disease prevention.
  • Health quality. Monitoring the presence or absence of natural contaminants and / or pathogenic microorganisms that can have a toxic effect.


Traceability is the set of pre-established and self-suficient procedures that allow to know the history, location and course of a produce or batch of produce along the supply chain.

  • We guarantee product traceability from harvest to sale.
  • We work with quality and food safety standards required by the consumer.
  • We have RF terminals to manage our stores by SGA.
  • We strictly control the processes that may result in service improvement adding extra value to the product.
  • Working with our own ERP allows us to keep control of all processes and stages of the supply chain with greater certainty.

R & D - Product Development

An important differentiated aspect is our service product development, through which we analyse and develop product improvements to meet changing market needs.

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